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You've reached Nancy.


Open Format DJ
in Austin, TX


Music is the universal language that unites us all. 


I firmly believe in the healing power of sound, dance and movement through music. From my perspective, music has the power to transcend time and create connections beyond the mundane.


As a DJ, I cherish the connection I can make with all sorts of  audiences as I whisk them away to a place where their worries and troubles fall far away.

Sharing and healing through music with various communities across town is a role I take very seriously. Whether I am playing for 5 people or 500, I never take for granted the gift it is to help people find joy and connection through sound.


I've always felt that it's like a magic trick to change the energy in a room. If I can create a moment, a thrill or a space for folks to let their masks down, I know I've done my job.


As an an open format DJ, my selections can vary wildly spanning several different genres which allows me the  flexibility to work within a wide range of event needs. 

My tastes are generally rooted in rap, hip-hop and RnB influences typical of my hometown of Houston, TX. As a Mexican American, I am also deeply connected to latin music spanning from cumbia and tejano all the way to the driving beats of latin trap, reggaeton and perreo. 

The most fun I have stems from my deep fascination with music from the 60s and 70s which allows me to blend eclectic mixes of soul, funk, boogie and disco from across the globe. 

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